Designing with AIRIUM


As an architect, reaching ambitious energy efficiency targets in a sustainable way is key in the buildings you design. AIRIUM provides you with:

Sustainable insulation

AIRIUM has a lower CO2 footprint over its life cycle compared to other insulation methods. It is also a fully recyclable material !

Insulating efficiently

AIRIUM is highly insulating in its lowest density version (with a Lambda value below 40 mW/m.K.). In addition, home comfort during heat peaks is widely improved compared to traditional insulation as the thermal phase shift of AIRIUM is in average twice as good as with other insulating materials.


AIRIUM behaves like concrete over time and lasts more than 100 years. Compared to traditional insulation that lasts 50 years or even less (e.g. settling), it makes a real difference.

Fire resistance

As it is entirely mineral, AIRIUM has a fire protection class of A1 according to EU standards.

Healthy environment

With AIRIUM, no added chemicals against fire are needed and there is no impact whatsoever on the air quality as AIRIUM is inert. Also, the breathability of AIRIUM and its PH level strongly diminish the risk of mold compared to traditional insulation.