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With a changing climate, successive heat waves, fossil fuel shortages and new regulations, insulation has never been more important. With about 30% of CO2 emissions coming from heating and cooling buildings, effectively insulating our buildings to improve their energy efficiency is one of the main tools we have in our fight against climate change.


Did you know?

The European Commission estimates that the rate of renovations must be tripled across the bloc to achieve its climate targets. Insulation is a major consideration in the Renovation Wave, the EU-wide strategy that aims to at least double the annual energy renovation rate by 2030. Experts suggest that insulating homes can drive down the EU’s energy demand by 44%.

More than 60% of household energy consumption is linked to heating and cooling. Much of the associated energy costs and CO2 generation can be avoided by properly insulating a building’s envelope. Without proper insulation, air can escape more easily through your home’s windows and doors:

This can waste large amounts of energy, which is why adding insulation is one of the simplest ways to improve a home’s energy efficiency and lessen the environmental impact of buildings.




Airium® is a versatile mineral insulating foam that offers a solution to make buildings sustainable and energy-efficient in use. Today, it is available in 9 countries worldwide for both new build and renovation projects to ensure an ideal thermal comfort, be it for cold temperatures or heat waves. With Airium®, we are accelerating the uptake of insulation in both developed and emerging economies.

It can be used in a simple way for many applications: from sub-screed floor insulation to the filling of concrete blocks to roof terraces, attics or lightweight void filling. It is composed mostly of air (up to 95%), water, a cementitious base binder and several additives in small proportions. It is then mixed in a special machine to create the insulating foam at the exact density required.

All around the world, homeowners, builders and architect’s are enjoying Airium®’s infinite possibilities:

It is also one of the most sustainable options on the market. Airium® minimizes embodied CO2 by decreasing dead load and through a multifunctional approach. Because it is produced directly on site, Airium® dramatically reduces the need for transportation and reduces waste. Airium® provides continuous, stable insulation that can last as long as concrete. And when the time does come to replace it, Airium® is easily recyclable together with concrete as it does not require separation, making it a truly circular material. 


Continuous insulation over your envelope

Best in class thermal phaseshift

Fully mineral: Best fire class (A1)

Healthy and safe


Insulation integrated at system level

Build and insulate your home at the same time

Long lasting like concrete

Stable performance and stable dimensionality



Characteristics of Airium

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