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Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is among the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Approximately one-third of global energy consumption is currently used for heating and cooling buildings. Buildings generate close to 20% of global greenhouse gases during their use phase . There is a way to reduce that. LafargeHolcim’s answer is Airium™.

What is Airium?

Airium is an insulating technology that improves energy efficiency of buildings, from wall to wall and floor to ceiling: for example, block-filling, roof terraces, attics, sub-screeds and double walls.


Airium™ is made of cement-based slurry, aqueous foam and mostly enclosed and distributed air bubbles.

It is the first mineral foam to offer a top-tier insulating performance, for an ideal thermal comfort, be it for cold temperatures or heat waves.

Being mineral, it is also fully fire-resistant, completely recyclable, unfavorable to insects or rodents, and contains no added chemicals.

Airium™ is also very easy to use, increasing the speed on jobsites and tightly filling any corner or shape.



“Airium™ is a top-tier mineral insulating foam technology with infinite possibilities. Airium is a range: depending on the density, different compromises can be achieved between insulation performance and structural resistance as is shown in the graphs below.


One of the most important and sustainable features of Airium™ is that we always work with local material.

Forget all about bulky piles of insulation on polluting trucks on the roads !


A revolution in construction and insulation

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In a typical house, Airium has various applications giving the possibility of a complete insulation envelope for the entire house.




The Airium™ R&D team also looks specifically at developing other game-changing applications with partners. Contact us to discuss YOUR needs and YOUR ideas.

Let’s look a bit more deeply into some applications:


Airium™ of a medium density (200 to 500 kgs/m3) is applied on flat roofs to replace both the concrete slope and the insulation layer. It is sufficiently strong to be walkable. It builds and insulates at the same time (slope + insulation) giving a homogeneous and durable insulation with local material. Its 30% faster than traditional method, safe, healthy, provides better heat comfort and less weight leading to reduced structural costs.

  • The order of the layering may change depending on the country
  • If tiles are not required the surface might be finished with gravel or with a mortar layer

Benefits of Airium™ for Roof Terrace applications

  • The slope and the insulation are built with Airium (2 in 1, building and insulating at the same time)

    "This solution allows covering more space more quickly than other materials, and it’s easier on a day-to-day basis for my workers."

    Airium™ applicator in Morocco

  • Lower dead-load of the building due to the suppression of the Concrete slope layer
  • Less steps during the construction process
  • Building + insulating at the same time
  • High durability
  • Homogeneous insulation and greater comfort VS heat
  • Completely Fire proof
  • Less waste
  • Pump directly at ground level to high heights. It is no longer necessary to transport your insulating materials on the roof.





Airium™ into attics is poured on-site with a density and an insulating power adapted to the accessibility needs of the attics (50 to 180 kgs/m3). It gives a homogeneous and continuous insulation. It is highly fire-resistant, long-lasting, no rodents/insects, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and no mold.


Airium™ is produced on site with an Airium™ truck (see picture alongside) trailer or an Airium™ foam box, allowing to adjust to the required Airium™ density. At a speed of ca. 1 min/m2, Airium™ quickly fills all corners of the attic in a continuous way. It can be used in both lost and used attics, in new built and in renovation.  


"I really feel the difference. I use less wood for heating, and an optimum temperature is obtained much more quickly in the house!"

Customer in Austria who used Airium for his attic

In attics, Airium™ can be around 10% more insulating than traditional wool insulation – ask us for more details !



The Airium™ team is currently working on the development of concrete and Airium™-based wall panels to support our partners in the development of high performance, healthy buildings.

Modular Airium™ solutions offer significant advantages compared to conventional construction, from environmental benefits to time and cost savings, and better quality and construction management control. Airium™ can also be used to fill different non concrete based precast systems for wall, roof or floor pre-insulated elements.

Mineral foam with a low density (100 to 180 kg/m3), which can be injected into any type of Double or Sandwich wall design within a precast environment It is recyclable, “fully mineral”, safe, long-lasting, healthy, fire resistance, has a lesser CO2 footprint and comfort vs heat.



Blocks with a low density Airium™ (e.g. 70 kg/m3), injected into any block in a precast environment.

It provides increased carpet area, at least -10% heating/cooling bill vs hollow blocks not filled with Airium, fire resistant, has less CO2 impact and recyclable.

No additional soundproofing layer is required. In addition to the above it offers complete design flexibility, its safe and 12 times less volume is required to be transported.

We work in a partnership with block manufacturers providing a complete solution approach: block design, certification, machinery, industrialization, branding & prescription.

Co-developing construction solutions in favor of improved energy efficiency and home comfort is a major priority. In 2016, the first concrete blocks manufacturing plant of a leading and innovative precast player in France was equipped with a fully automatic AIRIUM foaming equipment.

Blocks with AIRIUM: How does it work?


Airium™ of a medium density (150 to 400 kgs/m3) is applied either on the ground floor or in intermediary stories below the screed. It helps in levelling and provides continuous insulation layer. Its highly durable, easier to work with on the jobsite, no compression of insulation, less transport and waste. It is also lightweight, fire proof & contributes to sound correction.


A network of applicators is trained by LafargeHolcim teams to master Airium™. A premix in bags is delivered to the site with additives or the slurry is brought by RMX truck and poured into a specific foaming machine. After ~6 h., Airium™ has set. After ~2 days, people can walk on it. After ~7 days, a screed is applied.


Living with AIRIUM


Living with Airium


The fire resistance of AIRIUM


Building with AIRIUM


Designing with AIRIUM


Where is Airium present



Do you want to know more? Are you a construction professional looking to substitute existing systems with Airium? Just leave us your contact details and we will get back to you shortly.