What is AIRIUM?

AIRIUM is a new, fully mineral, thermal insulation technology which can be used for many applications:

  • Floors
  • Wall filling and blocks
  • Attics
  • Rooves and terraces

AIRIUM, insulation redefined

AIRIUM is an innovative, safe, green, durable and affordable insulation alternative to traditional insulation, answering the needs of all.
Discover below why it is a game changer for all stakeholders:


A revolution in construction and insulation


The fire resistance of AIRIUM


Blocks with AIRIUM: How does it work?

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Living with AIRIUM


Building with AIRIUM


Designing with AIRIUM



The AIRIUM technology was launched in 2016 in three countries on two different applications:

  • Insulating concrete blocks in France
  • Insulating concrete blocks in Austria
  • Insulating Roof terraces in Morocco

AIRIUM on site

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