Airium® is a multifunctional insulation that brings co-benefits to many different types of customers. So if you’re a homeowner, home builder or an architect, Airium® is right for you. 



An efficient, healthy & cozy insulation, good heat peak insulation


Superior fire resistance, A1


Long-lasting like concrete


Build and Insulate at the same time


Hassle-free, transport, storage, handling


Flexible / adaptable technology, structural vs insulation


A sustainable and recyclable insulation, with a lower CO2 footprint at low density


A healthy mineral insulation (no anti-fire chemicals, no mold)


Lower weight / deadload with Airium systems versus alternatives



For home-owners, choosing Airium® is about peace of mind, comfort and a great price to quality ratio. Airium® provides:


Efficient insulation & greater indoor comfort

Airium™ is highly insulating in its lowest density version, reaching a top-tier insulation performance level. In addition, thermal comfort during heat peaks is greatly improved compared to traditional insulation. In terms of acoustics, Airium™ is among the best insulating materials. And as it is a fully mineral solution, an Airium™ based insulation is not appealing to insects and rodents and therefore not favorable to their multiplication.

Resistance to fire

As it is entirely mineral, Airium™ has the best fire protection class: A1 according to EU standards.

Better air quality & no harmful chemicals

Airium™ emits no Volatile Organic Coumpounds (ranked A+ by Eurofins) and there is no impact on the air quality as Airium™ is inert. Also, Airium™’s breathability and PH level greatly decrease the risk of mold compared to traditional insulation.


Airium™ is instrumental to making construction more sustainable: it provides long lasting continuous insulation, it is produced on site and decreases logistics and waste, it is mineral and easy to recycle, and it contributes to lowering the weight per built square meter.

The price varies according to geographies and applications. But Airium™ is produced locally and aims at simplifying construction systems and making insulation easy. In a controlled environment or on site, the implementation cost is lowered, as costs related to transportation, storage, handling (e.g. cutting) of the material is not applicable to Airium™.

Living with Airium - Ewald Simandl, Austria



For contractors and applicators, Airium® is hassle-free, easy to use and adjustable, along with many other benefits:


Building & insulating simultaneously

For roofs and terraces, Airium™ replaces with a single layer a traditional two layered system (often composed of a concrete slope and an insulation layer).
For flooring systems, Airium™™ contributes to thermal comfort while fulfilling the leveling function and easily covering ducts or pipes.
For wall elements such as concrete blocks filled with Airium™, you can skip or at least put less additional wall insulation layers on site. It means a substantial speed and cost advantage for most applications for home-builders.

Hassle-free & fully recyclable

Airium™ is foamed on site or previously integrated into precast elements. This means less hassle in terms of transportation, storage and handling on site. It is also fully and easily recyclable.

Easy to use

Airium™ can fill any shape, cavity or corner. It is either poured in precast elements beforehand or pumped on site with a simple specific machine that can also be used for traditional screeds or slabs. Airium™ can also be pumped from the ground up.

Adaptable technology

The density of Airium™ can be adjusted to your needs and requirements to give you the best compromise between insulating performance and structural resistance.

Building with Airium - Mikolaj Kutyra

Airium project Olszynski Park Poland



For architects and engineers, reaching ambitious energy efficiency targets in a sustainable way is increasingly important in the design of buildings. Airium® provides you with:


Sustainable insulation

Airium™ has a lower CO2 footprint over its life cycle compared to other insulation methods. It is also a fully recyclable material.

Efficient insulation

Airium™ is highly insulating in its lowest density version (with a Lambda value below 40 mW/m.K.). In addition, home comfort during heat peaks is widely improved compared to traditional insulation as the thermal phase shift of Airium™ is on average twice as good as with other insulating materials.


Airium™ behaves like concrete over time and lasts more than 100 years. Compared to traditional insulation that lasts 50 years or even less (due to, for example, settling), its dimensional stability and durable performance makes a real difference.

Fire resistance

As it is entirely mineral, Airium™ has a fire protection class of A1 according to EU standards.

Healthy environment
With Airium™, no added chemicals against fire are needed and there is no impact on the air quality as Airium™ is inert. Airium™’s breathability and PH level greatly decrease the risk of mold compared to traditional insulation.

Designing with Airium - Sarra Boualem, Algeria

Airium project Ben Melissa Algeria

Designing with Airium - Michelle Bär



Since its launch, Airium® has been the building and insulating material of choice for homeowners, home builders and architects all around the world. You can find out why they chose Airium® in the testimonials section.