Insulation - the sustainable way



The uptake of construction systems boosting the energy efficiency of buildings in both new buildings and renovation, from emerging to developed countries, is a cornerstone of the fight of humanity against climate change. In terms of global warming, any insulation is always preferable to no insulation. However, the energy used during the production of a given insulation material, the way it is brought to the site, its impact on the construction system, its durability, its performance over time or its end-of-life profile all play an important role in the overall relative environmental impact of a square meter of floor, roof or wall.


Airium offers an insulation solution that is planet-friendly and in line with the principles of the circular economy.

Airium provides continuous, stable insulation that can last as long as concrete

Screenshot from a freeze thaw test, taking samples into rapid cycles of temperature changes to simulate accelerated aging. Airium has excellent durability and does not settle or move and change with time.

Airium is mineral and easy to recycle, with no separation phase from other mineral layers at the end of the building’s life

Chunks of Airium. Because of its mineral nature and its low concentration of additives, Airium is easy to recycle and be ground along with other mineral components. It is also reusable in Cement applications.

Airium minimizes embodied CO2 by decreasing dead load and through a multifunctional system approach

Different Airium systems shown at the BAU in 2023.

Airium minimizes transport (3 to 20 times fewer trucks) as air bubbles are captured on site resulting in less volume of material being transported and decreases waste on site (no cutting)

Microscopic view of air bubbles entrapped within Airium and conferring its insulation power as well as its low environmental impact. These bubbles are created on site and represent the relative volume that does not need to be transported (in comparison with organic or oil based bubbles or beads)

Airium products have local Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), which is an important tool to estimate the environmental impact of our insulation solution. Reach out to the local teams to ask for data and certificates.


Solar Impulse Foundation label


Airium has been labeled an efficient solution by the Solar Impulse Foundation, and was included in their Solutions Guide launched during COP27. The jury was especially impressed by Airium’s ability to address several needs at once: efficient insulation, simplifying systems and on-site work, and a competitive installation cost.


Solar Impulse