Airium lightweight

Main uses


Airium® can also be used beyond insulation purposes, as a lightweight sustainable alternative for backfilling and void filling applications, from inaccessible areas to trenches, retaining walls, podiums or utilities.


Main benefits



For developers and investors, Airium® flooring does not settle over time, it has low permeability and high fire and heat resistance. It also enables you to reduce weight with the best compromise between lightness and strength.


For contractors and applicators, Airium® Airium is flowable and self-levelling. As Airium® captures the air bubbles on site, it enables considerable logistics and storage savings.Through a compact on site equipment, it can be pumped over long distances under a low pressure and with a consistent and stable density and quality. It can also be used to easily create a slope.


For the planet, as it is foamed on site, Airium® in lightweight applications makes a difference by drastically reducing the number of trucks on the road. It is also a great choice to diminish the overall weight put on the structure. And less weight means a lessened carbon dioxide profile for your project. Finally, Airium is fully mineral, recyclable and does not emit any organic compounds.

Check out below an example of Airium being used on a bridge in the city of Lyon

Application examples

Airium was used as a lightweight filling solution (450 kg/m3) below asphalt on a bridge in Lyon, France (Pont Morand) for a cycling lane

Airium used as a lightweight filling (450 kg/m3) in the swimming pool in Montpellier, France

Airium used as trench filling