Building with AIRIUM


For home-builders, AIRIUM is hassle-free, easy to use and adjustable. AIRIUM brings you a lot of benefits:

You can build and insulate at the same time
  • For rooves and terraces, the sub-screed layer poured with AIRIUM replaces in a single layer traditional two layered systems (often composed of a concrete slope and an insulation layer).
  • For wall elements such as concrete blocks filled with AIRIUM, you can to skip or at least put less additional wall insulation layers on site. It means a substantial speed and cost advantage on most applications for home-builders.
It is hassle-free

AIRIUM is foamed on site or previously integrated in precast elements. For you, it means less hassle in terms of transportation, storage and handling on site. It is also fully and easily recyclable.

It is easy-to use

AIRIUM can fill any shape, cavity or corner. It is either poured in precast elements beforehand or pumped on site with a simple specific machine that can also be used for traditional screeds or slabs.

It is an adaptable technology

The density of AIRIUM can be adjusted to your needs and requirements to give you the best compromise between insulating performance and structural resistance.